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Who We Are

Do our stock market discussions during our weekly Tuesday meetings interest you? Are you interested in gaining first-hand experience in analyzing, choosing and pitching stocks? Then come apply to the UWFA Investment Group!

The Investment Group is an individual subset of UWFA that manages our $50,000 real-money portfolio. Members of the UWFA Investment Group pitch their chosen stocks, which are then voted on by members of the investment committee. The pitches are published in the quarterly investor letter - check them out below to learn more about how these decisions are made!


Applications to the Investment Group are only open to UWFA members and are a separate process from general membership.

Applications Are Closed
Check back mid Winter quarter to apply for the Spring Junior Analyst class.

What We Do

Split Into Sector Coverage Groups

Each coverage group is led by a Sector Leader.

Currently covering TMT and C&R sectors

Research Your

Identify subindustry verticals poised to outperform  

Publish market outlook report

Pick the Best Companies

Each analyst constructs a one-page pitch on the company they believe best positioned to dominate its vertical

Pitch Your Stock to UWFA

Each sector group pitches their stock to the entire UWFA general membership during the Week 8 Tuesday meeting


Junior Analyst Training

Every quarter our incoming junior analysts go through a formal training program. This program covers the six topics listed below and is similar to summer analyst trainings at investment banks.

Part I

Accounting Fundamentals, Income Statement and Earnings Analysis


Part II

Cash Flow Statement Analysis

Part III

Valuation Fundamentals and Comparable Company Analysis

Part IV

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Part V

Three Statement Modeling & Scenarios

Part VI

Equity Value to Enterprise Value Bridge


Apply Online

  • Only open to UWFA members

  • Must have completed ACCTG 215 to apply

  • Submit Resume & Unofficial Transcript

  • Fill out Brief Written Response Questionnaire

  • Applications have closed, please check again next year


Live Interview

  • If Selected, we will reach out to you for your availability

  • The executive team will conduct live interviews

  • Expect mostly behavioral, with some brain teasers and market-related questions

  • Emphasis on passion and buy-in as opposed to technical knowledge


Junior Analyst

  • If Accepted, you will enter the Junior Analyst training program

  • Complete Bloomberg Market Concepts course prior to kickoff meeting.

  • Complete 6-week  training curriculum

  • Pitch a stock at the end of the quarter

Applying to the IG

Our Portfolios

UWFA invests in the stock market through two real-money portfolios: 'DA Davidson' and 'Husky Traders.' 

'DA Davidson' is a fixed $50K competition portfolio through which UWFA represents the University of Washington against 20+ other colleges to compete for the best annual returns, sponsored by the wealth management company of its namesake. 

'Husky Traders' is an ever-growing portfolio funded by students, alumni, and outside investors.

The two portfolios have mirror strategies: Long US Equity.

Current Investments
Fall 2020
Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.40.14 AM.png

Investor Letters

Fall 2020

University of Washington Finance Association Investment Group's Fall 2020 Investor Letter. This includes a statement from the Investment Committee, our fall stock pitches, and our current portfolio.


This past year UWFA went through tremendous growth of almost 900%, this letter contains all the team did to achieve and balance this. It also focuses on all the new ways UWFA has expanded to provide a more wholistic finance experience for its members.

Pitch Decks


Come check out the analyst pitch decks on Avalara, Tattooed Chef and Splunk!

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