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Through our Junior Analyst training, you can expect to gain investing knowledge, hands on experience, and mentorship through a community of like-minded individuals.

Become a Member

Membership is currently closed for spring quarter!

Underclassmen recruiting cycles: Fall, Winter, & Spring

Upperclassmen recruiting cycles: Winter & Spring


To become a member:

1. Fill out the application linked below.

2. Go through the interview process, if selected.


Remember to stay informed of all things UWIG by following us on Instagram @uw_investmentgroup

Underclassmen Application CLOSED
Upperclassmen Application CLOSED

Why Join?

Image by Mikael Kristenson


UWIG prepares you for a variety of finance-based careers. Through workshops, speaker events, and JAT, we create the next generation of finance professionals. 

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We host a variety of high profile individuals for our speaker events each week. These member only events are designed to help you expand your network. 

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Bridge the Learning Gap

UWIG was created to bridge the gap between classroom learning and what's needed for real-life application. Through education and the hands on experience, members will learn real valuable skills.

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Join a community of driven individuals who support each other personally and professionally. Quarterly social events are also a fun way to get to know others!


At UWIG, we are a community of individuals who value honesty and integrity

We strive to be a place where every member's voice is heard. Below are a few member expectations & guidelines for you to keep in mind as an active UWIG member.

Member Expectations

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Members are required to attend meetings. Failure to meet this requirement will result in loss of membership. 

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While  educational meetings are casual, expect to dress in business casual or professional for speaker events. Come prepared with questions and a professional demeanor.

Image by Mikael Kristenson


Members are to take advantage of all opportunities to learn and develop both professionally and personally. Communication is a key pillar to ensure success.

Member Expectations


Ashwin Desai

Benedict Wang

Bohou Li

Cole Konis

Connor White

Deepesh Singh

Drew Elam

Dyllan Krouse

Firas Hassan

Jenna Suh

Jinsu Ha

Kabir Maheshwari

Kadin Backlund

Katherine Liu

Kunal Mitra

Mason Ciolli

Mitchell Stengle

Nick Anderson

Nicole Kolanevvu

Paola Garcia-P Nava

Preyal Garg

Sania Megchiani

Tiffany Huynh

Vitalli Lupyr

Yueyan Zhao

Zane Godil

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